Why did I live blog?

Over at Delta recently, I live-blogged the SAG awards. Why? Didn’t I have better things to do? Well, yeah, I kind of did. But I wanted to get the practice in of blogging a LIVE event. It’s an excillerating thing to do, because you never know what will happen next, and you always have to stay on your toes. You’re actually thankful for long commercial breaks, because then you can get something else done.

So it wasn’t so much that I had this terrific urge to cover the SAG’s as extensivly as I did… I just wanted the practice. Who knows? Maybe I’ll try live-blogging the State of the Union!


2 Responses to “Why did I live blog?”

  1. Erika Says:

    That SO didn’t happen!!

  2. eChuckler Says:

    *sigh* I had a bunch of homework to tackle, so I couldn’t live blog the SOTU. *sobs*

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