Countdown to Jury Selection

Heh, what a misleading title. That’s “artistic” jury selection, for exhibition in the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts. As some may have known, last year I had a photograph that made it past the jury, and it hung up on the Grand Rapids Art Museum wall for a few weeks, in the company of dozens of other talented and gifted area artists.

Now the time is approaching when the 2006 Festival will start up. And within a few months, I’m hoping to be able to drop off two photographs for their consideration. And hopefully, at least one will make it up onto the museum walls! So we’re going to begin a process here at Epsilon, where I have you help me pick out photo’s for the competition. I mean, when I go to buy a shirt, I have to see all the shirts, then whittle it down to a short list of the ones I like, then I make a calculated decision based on what shirt do I think will be the most functional for the longest period of time. I’m romantic, I know. But my point is, I take time to make up my mind. So I need your help in doing so!

Now, as a disclaimer, you guys may not be the ultimate say in things, but you’ll definately be a BIG factor in what stays and what goes.

For the first round, we have two “remixed” photographs taken while in Chicago. The first is of a large swing at Navy Pier (told ‘ya to remember it, didn’t I?), and the second is a contrast in black and white, light and dark, man versus city.


Which Photo Is Better Suited for an Local Artistic Competition?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Those are SO cool!

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