Notes on News

FOX has launched a new Law Center, which provides readers with tons of wires on different legal issues. Kind of nifty, if you ask me. Add in some commentary, video boxes, and advertise On the Record and The Lineup on that page, and it would be ‘da bomb.

– Speaking of The LineupKimberly Guilfoyle will take over as host of the live weekend crime magazine this upcoming Saturday and Sunday. FNC is already running commercials fast and furiously.

– You can breathe a sigh of relief (or sorrow)… Meredith Vieira will not be Katie Couric’s hypothetical replacement. Or, at least, that’s what they’re saying now. Couric has long been rumored to succeed Dan Rather in the CBS Evening News chair.

– ABC cameraman Doug Vogt has been moved to an outpatient facility at Bethesda Medical Center, which is where he’ll stay for the coming weeks. And anchor Bod Woodruff continues to make progress. Doctors are keeping him sedated for now, to help with the healing. Doctors are pleased with how he responds when they ease up on the sedation medication.

– While ABC felt the need to have Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson come in and co-anchor with Elizabeth Vargas for the evening news for the time being, the network executives feel that Vargas can now go it alone for the webcast for now. You can see the World News Tonight afternoon webcast here. I must admit, I love coming home at night and watching the webcast, even if it is a few hours old.


One Response to “Notes on News”

  1. John Jurries Says:

    Law Center? Please. Everything I ever could want to know about law, I learn from Law & Order.

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