Italian Court Tosses Jesus Case Out

At the beginning of 2006, The Delta Institute Newsblog told you about a Italian atheist, Luigi Cascioli who wanted to take a Roman Catholic priest, Enrico Righi, to court for asserting that Jesus Christ existed. An Italian court heard some arguments, but ultimately decided that it would not go to trial, and it was tossed out. (Italy is primarily Roman Catholic) However, Luigi Cascioli’s crusade doesn’t end here; he plans to take the case to the European Court of Human Rights. If TDI hears anything on that front, we’ll bring it to you. (source)


One Response to “Italian Court Tosses Jesus Case Out”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The European Court of Human Rights has agreed to hear Cascioli’s appeal, as of May 25th. I have a question for all the Jesus-myth people. If Jesus never lived, then how do you explain the fact that Christianity started in Jerusalem. A myth might have worked in China or Ethiopia, but why would the people of Jerusalem converted to Christianity if there had been no real-life Jesus? If he had been a myth, they would have surely known it.

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