Our Valentines Gift To You

Here at TDI, we try to give a tip of the hat to the holidays that bring in the most profit to retailers. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and so forth and forever more. Well, on February 14, it’s Valentines Day. And since we’ll be busy with homework (and watching American Idol!), TDI wants to give you two sets of Valetines Day cards right now.

The first set is a very Star Wars valentines day. With cards giving such heartwarming and affirming messages like, “Our Live Will Endor” to “I’d Give My Right Hand For You… Be Mine!”, these messages are perfect for the geek in your life. You can view the first of six full pages of Star Wars valentines cards by clicking here.

The second set would be a crime to ignore. Someone spent a bunch of time and creative talent into creating Law & Order: SVU valentines cards. If your smookums is obsessed with the law, giving him or her a “Guilty! Of Being My Valentine!” card may be just the thing for you. You can view the cards by clicking here. (If you’re a fan of the original Law & Order, there’s always the “An Adventure to Color” coloring book!)


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