Oscar Predictions, Revisited

On February 1, the Delta Institute Newsblog made it’s official Oscar predictions. For Best Picture, Delta is going against the Brokeback Mountain flow and giving the award to Capote. For best actor and actress? Expect the statue to go to Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Reese Witherspoon. And for the best supporting actor and actress? Paul Giamatti and Rachel Weisz.

Here at the Delta Institute Newsblog, we’re not convinced that the academy has a need to make Brokeback Mountain the Best Picture. For the controversial film The Hours, it was a way of helping to boost it’s profile, to bring it’s message to a wider audience. Well, Brokeback not only is known to just about every person on earth, it’s also become one of the most parodied movies in recent history. If I had a nickel for every Brokeback spoof I saw online, I would probably have $50.00.

And while Crash won the Screen Actors Guild hearts, we don’t feel that it has the same traction at the Academy. Capote is a darling in the movie community, and I would expect to see that film win, even above the cowboys and Crash.

As always, The Delta Institute Newsblog will update with a list of the winners. PLUS, we’ll compare the actual winners with our predictions! All that, plus we’re actually planning on having Weekends at TDI this upcoming Saturday/Sunday!

The Academy Awards, hosted by Jon Stewart, air live on ABC at 8 pm ET.


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