My Wife is Dead (And So Am I)

In November, 2005, I found out that I had previously owned a farm before my death in 1894. I thought that I had decided to give the land of the living a bit of a break until 1987. But I was wrong. On March 24, 1929, Charles E. Jurries was born into this word. And on June 15, 1950, Charles E. Jurries married Myrtle. I’m not quite sure when Myrtle and I passed away, but I do know where we are buried.

We also had an intersting choice in children’s names. We had a Rosella, Patricia, Kenneth, Danny, and a Steven. (To Steve and Janna: Rosella Birn, perhaps?) I wonder what those kids went on to do. And if they had the sense to move out of Illinois. (Actually, it’s a very delightful state, if not slightly flat.)

In short, Charles Jurries once lived in Missouri, and then Charles Jurries was born in Illinois. This Charles Jurries resides in Michigan. And if this wasn’t freaky enough, there’s a twist: I’ve been to both Illinois and Missouri.

I fear for where the next Charles Jurries might be born. Michigan and Missouri is fine, but we can do better than starting out in Illinois. Just pray it’s not Canada!


One Response to “My Wife is Dead (And So Am I)”

  1. Janna Says:

    Rosella? I don’t think so.

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