If It Launched Today…

If I had to launch my secret project right this second, I think there would be enough content where I would be satisfied with it’s launch. Just so you know. However, I have some more combing over to do. And before I launch, I should probably find a guide online or in a paper somewhere, to make sure that I didn’t miss anything *big*.

And I’m thinking I’ll probably just put all of this on it’s own blog. I tried customizing the site, but Blogger’s photo upload has been giving me grief lately… It won’t even load most JPEG’s for me, and it doesn’t seem to want to upload .GIF’s as .GIF’s anymore, which wreaks havoc on the design of the site.

The chief reason that I’m putting this on it’s own seperate blog is so that people can easily recommend the site to other people who are interested in what content will be presented. I could even advertise this site in some publications, if I have a simpler web address to put out there. I don’t know if I will advertise it, because I’ll want some feedback on whether or not it’s actually a smart, clever idea.

I am really excited about getting this project finished, though. I can’t wait to give a few observations from my research!


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