New to TEI: Video!

I’m such a dummy-head. I’ve uploaded two slideshows onto YouTube before, right? I YouTube’d before YouTube was even cool, alright? So what just occured to me the other day? That I could probably upload video from my digital camera online, via YouTube. And sure enough, it worked! Why I never thought of this before, I’ll never know.

Theoretically, this means that in the future, I could do vodcasts, or, “video podcasts”. And I’ll be able to see if there’s anything else worthwhile from the TDI Video Vault to post here at Epsilon! This is an exciting new oppertunity, and I expect to be fully obsessed with it in the space of a couple weeks.

To see a brand-new video from our vault, click this link here

2 Responses to “New to TEI: Video!”

  1. Erika Says:

    *ahem* opportunity he means.

  2. John Jurries Says:

    …and the blogging community tries not to laugh at the thought of Erika correcting other peoples spelling.

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