Featured: ARC of Grand Rapids

Welcome to a brand new feature here at the Institute, the Featured Online Sermon. Each week, we take a quick look at a Grand Rapids, MI church that broadcasts their sermons online. And, as you may have suspected, each church featured is also listed in our Grand Rapids Online Sermon Directory. And since a fair chunk of our core readership goes to this church, it was only natural to select it to advertise it’s online service.

The Associate Reformed Church of Grand Rapids was formally reckognized on May 24, 2000. Meeting in the Calvin Christian Middle School Gym on Ivanrest (over in Grandville), it seeks to bring worship that is doctrinally thourough. Rev. Ray Lanning leads the congregation twice a Sunday with a sermon of instruction. This small church seeks to bring their message to across the globe, and that’s where the Featured Online Sermon helps out. If you want to hear sermons by Rev. Lanning, prepared for the ARC of Grand Rapids, you can click this link to see a list of sermons avaliable for download.

You can visit the website for the Associate Reformed Church of Grand Rapids by clicking here. You can also visit the Grand Rapids Online Sermon Directory any time by looking under our “TDI Affiliates” listing, or by clicking this link here. And that’s the inagural edition of Featured Online Sermon! Join us again next time as we profile another church from our directory!


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