WTC Update: More Remains Found

Workers at Ground Zero in New York City have discovered around 300 human bone fragments on the roof of a skyscraper badly damaged by the 9/11 attacks. The former Deutsche Bank building was being worked on, as toxic chemicals and “World Trade Center dust” were being removed from the structure before the skyscraper gets dismantled floor by floor. The remains were taken to a DNA lab for testing, and upon identification, the fragments will be turned over to families. Fragments not identified will be stored at a memorial at the World Trade Center site. (source)

Those toxic chemicals and the “WTC dust” is very dangerous, and even deadly. Medical examiners have directly linked the death of an emergency worker to the exposure of toxic dust at the site of the Twin Towers. The fallout from this won’t just be looking for another cause of death; so far, the feds have offered no assistance for those who may have been exposed to the chemicals at Ground Zero. (source)

As families hope for compensation, the Rev. Brian Jordan is looking for a different kind of inspiration. He is trying to keep the much-photographed steel cross on the World Trade Center site. And he told the press that he is “very optimistic” that there will be an agreement to keep it there. Rev. Jordan said that when he saw the cross, he thought “God did not abandon us at ground zero.” (source)

As America continues to move forward and onwards, we’ll continue to keep you abreast of developments pertaining to September 11, 2001.

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