Almost Done

In just a couple weeks, this school year will be behind me, and I can focus on a nice, relaxing summer. Naturally, “relaxing” includes a triumphal return to updating my blogs a gazillion times a day, and getting wonderful e-mails saying “DON’T UPDATE SO MUCH!” and “It’s a blog, not a book.”

This summer, I’ll get back to working on the template for the “Popular TV” graphic that will debut later on this year. I honestly don’t know when it will debut. I have to finalize the format, and I have to pick my sources for this project. Once I have all of that mapped out, it’ll be an easy feature to manage. “At the Box Office” just takes a couple minutes, and “Popular TV” will be just slightly bigger than that.

Of course, the month of May will prove to be somewhat hectic, as we get ready for a wedding in the family. I may even be so cruel as to post some photo’s here at Epsilon before the bride and groom return from their honeymoon. Then we can mock them mercilessly, and what can they do about it? (But don’t tell them this plan, okay? It’d take all the fun out of it.)

I also remembered that I owe you a conclusion to the “A Day in Chicago” photo spread. I promise I’ll work on that at some point soon.

So that’s my life right now. Come the second week of May, I’ll be breathing a whole lot easier. And blogging more.


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