Test Run: On the Blogs

Here at the Institutes (Both Delta and Epsilon), we try to promote our fellow bloggers fairly frequently. In addition to linking to them on our “Affiliates” list, we do occasional interviews and podcasts, to both promote their site, and to give you a better look at the bloggers themselves. Well, we’re going to test something new here: a clip show. Well, as much as anything in writing can be a “show”. Please let me know, via commenting, if you’d want something like this again in the future!

– We get the feeling that driver’s training might be slightly stressful. But I wish that Ace would be a little less vague about her feelings towards curbs.
– Epsilon’s not the only one feeling nostalgic towards the AnimaniacsBlogapalooza has more clips for you to watch.
Erika ran for student council president… and won. As a result, we’re going to start referring to her as Mackenzie Allen from now on.
– Blogger Eva Lemmon doesn’t actually have anything new right now, but we’re hoping that this mention will help snap her out of her creative coma.
– The same applies to Penultimate Grooviness, but she’s actually planning a wedding, so we’ll cut her some slack. (But we still want that new post!)
– In a sharp contrast, Gimme Back My Bullets has a plethora of new post to consume. Though how one goes from cornfields to flaming toasters in one day is a little beyond my comprehension level.
– If you have some time to do some long reading, check out Scarlett’s blog on her families misadventures in South Africa. (She claims to be quitting blogdom, but I think that might just be JWS-syndrome talking!)
Presbyterian Thoughts wishes the Queen of England a happy 80th birthday, and wonders about her role in the church. And did you know that Presbyterian Thoughts has an eStore? Didn’t think so.
– If you go to Set It Off, you’ll have a bunch of handy links to casino and poker websites! (Oh, and reflections on college and other stuff as well.)
– In case you didn’t see them already, Pete has posted some pictures from his time starring in Fiddler on the Roof.
Life on Union Avenue has some birthday wishes, plus a big baby announcement
Notliberal, our future *swallows* brother-in-law *heavy gasp* takes a critical look at the Duke lacrosse scandal, and continues his series on salvation.
Wendler Cottage reminisces about the days of playing with Barbie. Only this involved driving people off cliffs, epsionage, and interchangeable heads. (To preserve the good name that is “Chuck”, we’re going to ignore the character of Chucketh…)
– And finally, to close out this trial run of “On the Blogs”, we’d like to mention that Maggie is absolutely loving finals week. It’s like Christmastime for her!


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