Is there a Macy’s by Dharma?

There are many mysteries on the “Lost” island. So many, in fact, that it can induce a headache if you try to think seriously about many of them. And sometimes, the answers are even more confusing than the questions. Regardless of the strange hatches, the Alvar Hanso’s, the Others, and the assorted wild animals, one of the strangest mysteries of the island has to be everyone’s wardrobe.

Sure, over 40 people crash-landed on the island. So it would stand to reason that everyone has plenty of clothes, right? Well, not everyone. Sayid is stuck with his two “wifebeater” t-shirts, which conveniently come in black and white, depending on what kind of mood he’s in. For instance, when he’s in love with blonde chicks, he wears white. But when he tortures people, he wears black. It’s like a cotton mood ring, really.

Sayid’s wardrobe is more or less what you think of when you think of a crash survivor living on an island for a couple of months. The resident fugitive, Kate, also seems to have a limited wardrobe, wearing mostly simple t-shirts. And for variety, she’ll… wear a t-shirt on top of another t-shirt. She may be a tomboy, but she’s still got fashion sense.

The island’s doctor, Jack, has a more unnatural wardrobe. I mean, did he just happen to find about 70 sleeveless dress shirts? I can’t even imagine when a doctor would need to wear a button-up shirt with no sleeves, not to mention needing to pack a countless array of them with him on a quick trip to Australia.

Then there’s the ultimate mystery: Sawyer. We all know that he was the packrat, and though how he did it was kind of dishonest, who could envy his entire STORE that he has in the back of his tent? But how does he get all the Hawaiian shirts, while people like John Locke have to wear the same shirt for the entire series?

If the Losties could find secret penthouses and pantries of food by the mysterious Dharma company, would it stand to reason that they found a clothing store by them too? That would help explain one of the biggest island mysteries of all.


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