Dow Jones, Poseidon Lose

Welcome back to Weekends at TDI, though quite frankly, I’m note sure it was worth the trip this weekend. All in all, things were pretty depressing. The stock markets took another punch to the gut, while nobody saw any movies this weekend. And there’s just not much to banter about with this weekend, either. So without any further distractions, I’ll give you your weekly stock report.

(source: Yahoo! Finance)

There’s about as much to say about the box office as there was about the stock markets. Mission: Impossible 3 was able to stay atop of the box office this week, beating out the C-list-filled Poseidon. (Poor actors and actresses… If this film were succesful, they would have been moved up to the B-list. So sad.) Only an estimated 3.5 million people went to see the Impossible Tom Cruise action flick, which is ironic, since that’s an average week ratings-wise for the JJ Abram’s TV show, Alias.

(Source: BoxOfficeMojo)

And that’s the very underwhelming, unimpressive Weekends. Hopefully, it will be a little more exciting next week, when See No Evil, Over the Hedge, and The Da Vinci Code open in theaters this upcoming weekend.


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