ABC Cans Repeats of “Lost” (But…)

For season 3 of ABC’s hit serial character drama, Lost, the season will have no repeats instead of new episodes, whatsoever. If ABC airs repeats, it will be in different timeslots, the alphabet network announced. However, that doesn’t mean that fans are fed a steady diet of the island drama. When Lost makes it’s fall debut, it will run for about seven to eight episodes, then go on break. In the timeslot will be the Taye Diggs thriller, Day Break.

Lost will then come back during January or February for an uninterrupted run until the end of the season. This allows for momentum for storylines like, will Charlie kick his drug habit? (Again?) Will Jack and Locke (not) have a power struggle? My hopes are that for season three, Mr. Eko finds a phone book and reads it throughout the season. I don’t know of many actors besides Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje who could make anything sound mesmerizing, and just a touch creepy.

On a slightly-spoilerish note, if you do not want to know what character seen in some capacity during season 2 is returning next year as a series regular, do not click this link. (After all, that’s what the Others would probably want you to do.) I’ll just say this… I thought that, based on this season’s role, that she/he would just be a recurring guest star, and not a regular. (Then again, I think Emile de Ravin is a series regular. *sigh*)


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