Box Office Code Broken

“The Da Vince Code” tops the box office, as the stock market continues to plunge. Welcome, everyone, to Weekends at TDI. I don’t know if you’ve noticed already or not, but the Dow Jones is close to dipping back down 11,000. Granted, the market would only truely panick if it went down beyong 10,000, but still, it’s pretty bad. But on the other hand, I didn’t have to change the red lines to blue, so it made my prep work for this column go by that much easier. (There’s a silver lining in everything, yo.)

(Source: Yahoo! Finance)

Opening with the 13th best weekend opener ever is Ron Howard’s adaption of The Da Vinci Code, starring Tom Hanks. This film also beat Ice Age 2: The Meltdown to claim the title of the 2006 Weekend Warrior Champion at the box office. Perhaps it was the fact that it was based on one of the best-selling books in recent history. Or maybe it was all the “controversy” that surrounded the film, the same kind of counter-hype that helped propell Passion of the Christ to the top of the box office. Or maybe it was Tom Hanks. Regardless, the film managed to bring in over 12 million people to their local cineplex for the experiance.

New to the “At the Box Office” scoreboard is the addition of how many people went to see the top five. For instance, Over the Hedge took in $37.3 million dollars, but had only an estimated 6 million viewers. Mission: Impossible 3 had “only” 1.8 million fans this weekend. And so forth.

(Source: BoxOfficeMojo)

Readers at Home: How do you find out how many estimated millions went to the box office? That puts a whole new perspective on the box office numbers!
The Delta Institute Newsblog: Well, what we do is we go to the BoxOfficeMojo, and we take the total estimated income for the film, and we divide it by the national average ticket price. According to the National Association of Theatre Owners, the average ticket price is $6.41. (We were generous this week with our numbers, actually… We used the 2004 average of $6.21!) It’s a pretty easy process.

Well, that’s going to do it for us this week. Please join us again next week to find out how X-Men: The Last Stand does at the box office! (Hugh Jackman vs. Tom Hanks? It sounds like a FOX reality special!)


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