NOAA To Release Prediction on Monday

In 2005, America and the other Atlantic nations saw one of the most devestating, intense tropical storm seasons in a generation. As part of National Hurricane Preparedness Week, NOAA and the National Hurricane Center will be releasing the 2006 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook on Monday, May 21, at 11 am EDT. Max Mayfield, director of the National Hurricane Center, will be one of many who will be speaking at the press conference. If you want more information and media contacts, please refer to the press release.

Check back next week Monday to find out what the predicted outlook is for this season, according to NOAA.

Monday Update: NOAA is predicting that the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season will be very active, which, duh, but they don’t think it’ll be as bad as the 2005 reason. NOAA is predicting up to 10 storms will reach hurricane strength, with 13 to 16 named storms total. Four to six could become “major” hurricanes, they say. Hurricane season begins on June 1st.

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