5,000 Clicks In Five Months

Over the new years weekend, I installed a hit counter onto this site. From the traffic reports, I was able to determine that most people find this site over the weekend. So, it made sense to have something waiting for them when they showed up. Hence, Weekends at TDI was born. I’ve also managed to stay at about a 15% average for international hits. (A lot of overseas hits are from Canada, the UK, or Australia.)

On May 30, at 3:14:36 pm EDT, we reached a milestone: We had our 5,000th hit for the year. Normally, we don’t brag about milestones on this site. (I don’t *think* we even celebrated our six-month blogging anniversary a while back!) But 5,000 is something to be proud of, especially when you’re post content can be as random as mine is. We go from news to entertainment, from podcast to photos, from fiction to op-eds, to anything else we feel like.

Our 5,000th visitor heralds from Edmonton, Alberta, up there in Canada. (It’s about 1,500 miles away from the Twin Institute’s home base.) They were searching for the Hanso Foundation website, and found this post on Google. If you’ll notice, we’re also the fifth search result on the FIRST PAGE. Ah, it’s little things like this that really make my blogging ego feel really good.

We launched in June, 2005, but had no site counter then, so who knows how many hits I’ve had since this odd little site started? But I certianly would not have reached my first big milestone without you guys, the regular readers and commentators. And thanks to all the folks who search for Jennifer Garner, George Bush, Taylor Hicks, and the like, and wind up here in a futile quest for worthwhile infotainment.

And last, but not least, a huge thank you to Jana Kaderabkova, without whom I would have a few hundred, if not thousand, less hits.

If we can get about a 1,000 hits every months, here’s hoping I’m posting about a proud 12,000 hits at the end of this year!


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