The Dow Closes Below 11,000

Stocks are plunging and the devil takes over the box office. Welcome to the premiere edition of The Weekend Preview, an exclusive mid-week look at what to expect this weekend when we publish our exclusive Weekend Recap, a quick look at the stock market (what drives our jobs), and the box office (which drives our thirst for entertainment).

The stock market has good months, and it has bad months. Historically, June has been a bad month for the Dow Jones, and 2006 is not disappointing; this week, the Dow has lost more than 316 points for the week. The NASDAQ has lost all of it’s index gains for the year, and the S&P 500 is almost to it’s 2005 closing numbers. The Dow Jones closed on Wednesday at 10,930.90.

On Tuesday, 6/6/06, a remake of the horror movie standard The Omen was released, pulling in $12.6 million dollars, or, $12,633,666. The film beat Meet the Fockers as the highest-grossing Tuesday release in cinema history. Joining Damien at the Box Office this weekend will be the silver-screen adaption of A Prairie Home Companion, geared towards a slightly older audience. But it’s not the older audience that usually comes in at #1 at the box office, it’s the family-friendly movies. And that’s where Pixar’s Cars comes in. Not only do we anticipate it will come in at #1, we predict that it’ll pull in around $50 million.

But will our prediction be right? Can a couple of animated cars beat a popular radio show and the devil-incarnate? Check back this weekend when our weekend report, The Weekend Recap, is published! We’ve got new backgrounds for each of the features, and made a few slight changes to the design of the financial and entertainment reports. We hope you check back then to check it out, and we hope you keep coming back to the Twin Institutes for a fun, quirky take on the latest news, entertainment, and for some insightful opinion!


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