How to Survive Today’s Market

For the past couple months, the major stock markets have been hemmorhaging points left and right, with the Dow Jones in danger of diping below 10,000 within a few weeks. So if you’ve invested in the stock market, how do you weather out this storm?’s Senior Editor James Finch has put up a list of nine tips that investors can use to survive the current market.

One of his tips is to stop watching the ticker and to concetrate on the company’s fundamentals. “Is the story still true or has it changed?” Finch also says that investors should keep their eyes open during robust markets, writing, “Next time, when the markets are racing higher, and you feel like you won the lottery, consider this bit of biblican advice. The old joke goes: When did Noah build his ark? The answer of course is: Before it began to rain.”

You can read Finch’s commentary by visiting (Hat tip:


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