Nacho Libre Can’t Even Beat “Cars”

While investors are struggling to find confidence in today’s market, movie-goers enjoy seeing Jack Black in tights. Welcome back to The Weekend Recap, everyone. If you’re new to this feature, I’m going to have to explain how this works a little bit for you. We understand that life has many componets to it, and that there’s so much information to digest nowdays. So we offer a quick stock report, which briefly tells you how the markets did over the past week. Then we also take a look at the box office, to see how people spent their money.

This week, the stock markets ended the week on a very mixed note. While the Dow Jones managed to climb back above 11,000 (barely), the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 remained virtually flat for the week. The NASDAQ only lost five points, while the S&P only lost one. The Dow lost money earlier in the week due to news on inflation, but after the Fed made several references and clarifications about their statements, the Dow slowly started to go back up.

(Source: Yahoo! Finance)

Proving once again that families will come out in droves if you give them a movie to see, Pixar’s latest animated feature Cars brought the largest audience to theaters this past weekend, pulling in $31.2 million in ticket sales, translating to close to 5 million tickets sold. Next, what do you get when you cross the mastermind behind Napoleon Dynamite with comedian/singer/actor Jack Black? A really stupid movie! A box office sensation! The wrestling movie took in a weekend haul of $27.5 million. (It was the #1 movie on Friday, but lost the top spot to “Cars” on Saturday and Sunday.)

All in all, about 16.6 million people went to see the top five movies at the box office this weekend.

(Source: BoxOfficeMojo)

Here’s what you might of missed on the Delta Newsblog and the Epsilon Institute over the past week:

The Delta Institute Newsblog:
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Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s imprisoned democracy advocate, is feeling better after falling ill last weekend. (Read)
For kicks and giggles, we decided to change the format of our front page from showing the last 16 post to showing post from the last 8 days. Because I’m sure someone cared!
Remember when Cynthia McKinney had that crazy makeover then got mad when a police officer didn’t reckognize her? The grand jury says that the case isn’t worth anyone’s time and dismisses it.
Are you ready for a digital revolution? International policy makers are hoping that Apple is.

The Epsilon Institute:
Julie Banderas from the FOX News Channel and a crazy woman have a good, old-fashioned verbal catfight.
A Bachelors in Journalism with a (teachable) minor in English. That’s what I decided to go for at college. Which is good to figure out, because I’m already going to college already.
We set a deadline for
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Finally, we capped off the week by showing off Folger’s “
Happy Morning” commercial. There’s nothing really more one can say about this video. Really, there’s not. If you don’t believe me, watch the video yourself! (Read)

And that’s it for The Weekend Recap. Thanks for clicking on, and come back in a few days for an exclusive preview for what you can expect to find next week on the recap!


One Response to “Nacho Libre Can’t Even Beat “Cars””

  1. Mark Says:

    Dude, Nacho Libre was seriously awesome. Mexican wrestling + Jack Black + guy who directed Napoleon Dynamite = crazy cool.

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