Yu-Yu’s Shopping Spree

It was the best day Yu-Yu has ever had. You see, she had just returned from a shopping spree and had bought three shopping bags full of stuff. “I love it,” she exclaimed to her roommates. “I got everything I could ever want!” “I doubt that,” said Vernica, the obnoxious one. “I bet you go out shopping ten more times by the end of the month.” “Not so!” Yu-Yu exclaimed. “I’m content for life.” “Whatever,” Vernica snorted. “Jus’ don’t come whining to me when you’re low on cash, ‘kay?”

A few days later, Yu-Yu was walking the streets in her new clothes, when she passed by the window of a respectable retailer. “All clothes are fifty percent off?” she noticed. “I’ll have to stop in here and see what they have!” For you see, Yu-Yu had already forgotten about her pledge to be content for the rest of her life.

Inside, Yu-Yu noticed her good friend, Glu-Glu. “Glu Squared, how are you?” she asked. “I’m doing good, thanks, Yu-Yu. I came in to check out their sale. Ti-Na wants me to buy a new tie for work. How are you doing?” “Great. I needed some new clothes, so I went to check this sale out!” “Well, I guess I’ll see you around the store then,” said Glu-Glu. “For sure!” And with that, Yu-Yu went off to shop some more.

Within minutes, Yu-Yu’s arms were full of clothes. She went to get a shopping cart, but then that filled up too. So she went and got another shopping cart and that one filled up as well! Soon, each cart had clothes piled so high that they looked like mountains on wheels. Exhausted from shopping, Yu-Yu started to drag both carts towards the checkout lane, when wheels on both carts locked up. “Oh boy, what’s going on?” Yu-Yu wondered.

A few yards away, Glu-Glu watched with a concerned eye. “What’s she doing?” asked Vernica, Yu-Yu’s obnoxious roommate, who was currently chewing gum. “Buying way too many clothes,” Glu-Glu responded.

Yu-Yu couldn’t get the wheels to budge at all. But what would cause the wheels to lock up, she wondered? That would take a lot of weight to do that. In frustration, she kicked both shopping carts, hoping to un-jam the wheels. The force of the kicks caused both carts to wobble, and caused the mountains of clothes to fall down, right on top of Yu-Yu! When the avalanche had cleared, you couldn’t even see one of Yu-Yu’s hands.

Glu-Glu ran over to dig his friend out, while Vernica continued to chomp on her gum. “She probably deserved that one,” she said to herself. “Those clothes were so last year’s style!”


2 Responses to “Yu-Yu’s Shopping Spree”

  1. RaptorNine Says:

    I still love these stories…

  2. Grace Says:

    Glu Glu. It’s the best.

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