The Weekend Preview, Issue 3

Welcome back to The Weekend Preview, our sneak peek at the days to come. And, more importantly, what you can expect in the next Weekend Recap, published at the end of each weekend! What we do is very simple. The theme of our Weekened series is: Your Stocks. Your Movies. We take a quick look at the stock market, then at the cinemas.

The stock markets are currently up for the week. Strong economic numbers and increased market optimism are thought to be a driving force behind the gains. Here are the stocks at the end of Wednesday’s bell:
Dow Jones: 11,079.46 (+ 64.91)
NASDAQ: 2141.20 (+ 11.25)
S&P 500: 1252.20 (+ 0.66)

I kept the stock market talk to a minimum this week for you, not because I’m lazy, but because I want you to know what’s coming out on this exciting weekend! (If I tell myself that, then it’s true!) Actually, it’s not that exciting… The weekend’s all about Adam Sandler and Tyrese Gibson. Yeah. Having to do a write-up about these movies, I can honestly say that I’m more exciting than you. (These are the weeks when I question why I even do this.) Without further delay, here are the films opening the weekend beginning on June 23:

Click – Adam Sandler stars as a workaholic architect who has been overlooking his family in favor of his career. Yeah, that movie has been made before. But this time, there’s a twist: Sandler comes across a universal remote that allows him to perform TiVo-like functions on his own life, like pause and fast-forward. *SPOILER*: He realizes that family is more important than career. Oh, like you didn’t see that one coming.

Waist Deep – Tyrese Gibson stars as a single father called “O2.” He has a son named Junior. (O2 Junior?) O2 is also a recently paroled ex-con, and is “forced” to go back outside the law after his son is kidnapped in a carjacking. Junior is then left in the hands of “Meat,” the “vicious” leader of the “Outlaw Syndicate.” O2 also has a shady cousin called “Lucky,” who is somehow part of the plot. Same with someone called “Coco.” Good heavens, they want me to see this film? How about using an actual name? This film does not get our stamp of approval, oddly enough.

And here’s what we think will go down this weekend: Cars will stay at #1, with about $20 million. Click will come in a fairly close second place. Tokyo Drift will remain at #3, with and The Lake House and the The Break-Up rounding out the top five. Total box office income: $100-105 million dollars.

And that’s it for this edition of The Weekend Preview. Stay tuned for The Weekend Recap, which will hopefully have more energy than this preview!


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