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While we work on the Internet Improv (Delays in revamping TDIN, work, and painting my room have led to a delay in publishing), we’d like to hear from you, concerning this site. If you haven’t noticed, the Delta Institute Newsblog has a new look. It’s cleaner, sharper, and the site is wider too. While I felt that it’s the right look and feel for TDIN, I don’t know if it’s the right thing for Epsilon or not. But I do feel that the site needs a slight change in decor. So I’m leaving the decision up to you guys, in the form of a poll.

You can choose more than one option, and you can vote once per day. Meaning? You can stuff the ballot box! Just don’t take the option with the puppies too seriously, okay?

What should we do to make the Epsilon Institute look more attractive?
Give it a wider, cleaner look, a la the new Delta Institute Newsblog.Just give the walls some fresh paint, don’t make it wider at all.Actually posting something worthwhile would help the site look better!Update the site every day with a photo of a puppie. How cute!Nothing; the site looks just fine.

To select multiple entries hold the Ctrl key (or the Apple key)
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