A Super 5-Day Holiday

Welcome back to the Weekend Preview, where we take a look at what’s coming out at the movie theaters this upcoming weekend. We also give you a brief look at the stock market, to prep you for an even briefer look at the markets this weekend.

I’ll be brief: Stocks are uneasy because of recent fed maneuvers, and the recent saber rattling made by North Korea. Job numbers for June are slated to come out on Friday, and I have no clue what to expect in the report, because, I am not psychic. (It’s disappointing, I know.) Here’s how the stock markets looked at the end of trading on Wednesday:

Dow Jones: 11151.82
Nasdaq: 2153.34
S&P 500: 1290.91

Sure, he’s no Spider-Man. But the Man of Steel can still bring in a audience. Over the 5-day holiday, Superman brought in an astonishing $76 million. For his actual 7-day opening weekend, Superman grossed an estimated $108 million in ticket sales. Not too shabby for a alien from outer-space! But still, considering an estimated $600 million was spent on making and marketing the movie, it’s still a bit of a disappointment for the studio. And really, for Superman, people were expecting it to take in a lot more dough at the box office. The real surprise this weekend is how well the “alternative to Superman,” The Devil Wears Prada, performed at the box office. Over the 5-day weekend, it pulled in $40 million.

So, was there much of a difference between the 5-day box office and the 3-day weekend? Astonishingly enough, we’re going to say “no.” (We’re liars, BTW.) Monday and Tuesday combined brought in an additional $68 million. Which just about matches how much Nacho Libre has made since it came out a few weeks ago. (We wouldn’t lie about something like that. Or would we?) Here’s your special mid-week “At the Box Office” report:

(Source: BoxOfficeMojo)

Opening this weekend: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest – Okay, first off, I have to admit: I have trouble remembering how “caribbean” is spelled. It’s not like I don’t try to remember. It’s just one of those words. Anyways, Disney is hoping to strike gold once again as the pirate captain Jack Sparrow reunites with Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann to, uh… fight evil! (There is an actual plot, thankfully. But that’s what the video is for, on the upper right-hand corner of the sidebar.) The film stars Johnny Depp as a eccentric anti-hero, Orlando Bloom as a quiet man, and Kiera Knightley as a strong, independent woman. (Thank goodness for typecasting!) Patel and Ragetti, the comic-relief duo from the first film seems to be returning for this newest installment. Pirates opens in theaters everywhere on Friday.

And that’s the Weekend Preview for this week. Stay tuned this weekend to find out how the epic battle of Jack Sparrow vs. Kal-El ends!


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