Stocking up on anti-flu medication

In news that’s worth noting, even on a weekend, some states are seeking help from the federal government in buying anti-flu medicine, in preporation for a theoretical pandemic. South Carolina, Utah and Alabama have already applied for funding, well ahead of the August 1st deadline.

“We figure it is certainly better to do it and move forward with the purchase and hope we never have to use it than not and wish that we had,” said Jim Beasley, spokesman for South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control.

The federal government is stockpiling Tamiflu and other anti-flu medications, which can help reduce influenza symptons. The Bush administration plans to buy enough to treat 44 million people. But states can buy more if they want. Negotiations are underway with the manufacturers of Tamiflue to produce more product for a cheaper price, so states can order more.

The August 1st deadline does not obligate states to a specific course of action. Rather, it serves as a guidance to the Health and Human Services for its planning. (Read the full article)


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