My current earworm: One

Do you ever have it when you play a song and it then proceeds to replay itself over and over inside your head for days? And no matter if you listen to the song again, it still plays over and over in your head. However, you actually don’t mind this particular earworm? That’s the case for me with “One,” a U2 song recently made into a duet with Mary J. Blige. Both Bono and Blige are terrific vocalist, and the way the music video was edited, it looked like they had a fun time recording together. (Keyword: edited.)

Normally, I would start to get tired of a song after a day or two. But not this one. And for all I care, it can stay. I know my taste in music can sometimes be slightly odd and unhinged, but I like “One.”


One Response to “My current earworm: One”

  1. Mark Says:

    It’s a good song, but there are much better versions available. (Not that this is bad, just not on par with the others, in my opinion.) The original U2 version is, of course, a classic. They also did a cover with an orchestra, that’s really nice. REM and the Coors have a pretty nifty live cover too.

    And, of course, Johnny Cash did a cover on Unchained.

    Oh, and should you ever be tempted to take U2 too seriously, look up their video for “Discotheque”. Good song, highly disturbing video.

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