“Dead Man’s Chest” still filling up with gold

Hello there. Welcome to The Weekend Recap, our signature weekly feature. In this feature, we steer clear of the other posts of the week, and in it’s place we create our own, unique brand. This isn’t The Delta Institute Newsblog, this is The Weekend Recap. (Think of it as Nick & Nite on Nickelodeon, or Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.) And as such, we can make as very little sense as we want and get away with it: we’re not trying to uphold the integrity of a “newsblog”, whatever that is. (Or maybe it’s a chance for the author to develop Online Multiple Personality Disorder. But we don’t think that’s the case.)

The first thing that we want to recap for you is the stock market. In bold letters. Because we can. (Please save all complaints for the comments section at the end of this column.) This past week the markets panicked and sold. Alot. One large factor was slower-than-expected retail sales, further indicating that we’re living in a stalled economy. (A known fact for a few months now.) The recent upsurge in violence in the middle-east certainly didn’t help matters at all.

But none of that matters, because nobody pays attention to the stock market portion of The Weekend Recap. Nope, nobody. Not even me. How can I say that, you ask? Because I just noticed that for the NASDAQ and S&P 500, I did not have a comma in them, so 2,000 read like “2000”. After all these months – MONTHS! – of running this report on the TDIN network, how could no one have noticed that? We feel ashamed, but only slightly. After all, it only makes the graphics package for the stock report look that much better. (Yeah, we’re boasting.) To see the now-corrected stock report, look down. Down the screen, you doof!

(Source: Yahoo! Finance)

And now, to movies. On Wednesday, we predicted that Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest would pull in a “respectable $55-60 million” for this weekend. And for once, we were actually close; the film took in an estimated $62.2 million for the weekend. The Weekend Recap staff is stunned that Little Man managed to beat You, Me & Dupree. As far as comedies go, we would much rather suffer through Dupree than watch Little Man. Of course, we’d rather see another film, period.

Of note on the list is no. 10’s A Scanner Darkly. By now, I’m sure most people have seen the commercials for this extremely trippy movie. The independent film is only playing in 216 theaters across the nation, but managed to bring in $1.2 million, which sadly is all it takes nowadays to get onto the top ten movies list. Our sources tell us that the knockout star of the movie is Winona Rider, who steals each scene that she’s in. (Thank you, I’ll be here all week.)

(Source: BoxOfficeMojo)

And that does it for The Weekend Recap for another week. We hope you’ll join us again when we’re back on the TDIN network on Wednesday night for our Preview, where we bring you up to speed on what’s happening in the business world. The report is then capped off with a whiny pithy look at what’s opening up in movie theaters this weekend. Thanks for clicking back, and come back soon for another look at the week that was.


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