“24”, “Law & Order” see cast changes next season

When it comes back this upcoming January, FOX’s 24 will look slightly different… again. Notoriously known for killing off it’s main cast members, the real-time action/thriller has been starting with a fresh array of cast members for a few seasons now, to help keep new energy flowing throughout the season. And seasons six will be no different.

When we last left L.A., the President of the United States, Charles Logan, was being taken into custody on charges of treason and murder of a former president, David Palmer. When the show returns, there will be a new POTUS: Wayne Palmer. Wayne, David Palmer’s brother, was introduced in season three as a scandal-prone chief of staff, who’s misdeeds in the past ultimately led to the dead of Sherry Palmer, David’s ex-wife. (Thus leaving the show without Penny Johnson Jerald, a terrificly talented actress.) David Palmer is played by D.B. Woodside.

Also joining D.B. in January will be Regina King, who will play Angela Palmer, Wayne’s sister. Angela is an advocacy lawyer. And since the writers didn’t think of her character before she wasn’t in before, even after David’s death last season, I’m willing to bet that she’s not the easiest Palmer to get along with. In addition to Regina, Peter MacNicol will be joining the show as a series regular. He will be playing a “high-ranking government official”. So he’s either in the Palmer plotline, or he’s the latest guy from Division to wreak havoc on CTU.

Finally, a casting call has been sent out for actresses in their early 30’s to play Chloe O’Brian‘s new boss and Bill Buchanan‘s right hand lady at CTU. The character is described as “smart, attractive and very goot at what she does.” I’m sorry Keifer, but all signs do not point to the season all being about Jack Bauer saving his own hind end. It looks more like a return to personal conflict and drama. (Plus, E!’s Kristin has scooped that they’re casting actors as middle-eastern terrorist for another over-arching plot.)

In other casting news, Law & Order: Criminal Intent is losing one of it’s main cast members. Courtney B. Vance, who has played Ron Carver since the show’s launch in 2001, has reportedly left the show. Joining the show as a new, no-nonsense assistant D.A. is Nona Gaye. (She was recently in The Matrix sequels as “Zee”. We hope she gets a better character name for this show.) Criminal Intent‘s sibling, Special Victims Unit, will also being seeing a temporary cast change this fall: Connie Nielsen (Gladiator) will be helping to solve crime this fall while Mariska Hargitay is on maternity leave.


One Response to ““24”, “Law & Order” see cast changes next season”

  1. John Jurries Says:

    No lose on the the Ron Carver news. The guy was the most boring D.A. ever.

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