This post is good for 36 hours

On television, news only seems to have relevance from anywhere between ten minutes to a few hours. After that, people already know the story and what to know more about something else. But what about the internet? According to the academic paper, “The Dynamics of Information Access on the Web,” the answer is surprisingly long: 36 hours. Actually, it takes 36 hours for half of the total readership of an article to have read it.

The study also concluded that Internet users do not read news articles evenly throughout the day. Instead, they read in “bursts.” So basically, some will see a story right away, while others won’t see it for a few hours. (read the full article)

We want to use that story to segway into a note about what we cover and what we don’t cover. Since many of you view this site at different times, and depending on when I work I update at different times, I try not to go for the big stories. The war between Israel and Lebanon? Such news stories have extremely time-dated material in them. We don’t like time-dated material so much here, because it just doesn’t work for this one particular site. You may only view this site once a week, but we still want to give you information you can use and find valuable, and not think “oh, that was so last Tuesday!”.

It’s not to say that we already knew what the study reported, but, we were already “programming” along those same basic principles. We’ve long given up on being a news “source.” Rather, we are a news “supplement,” adding to what you have already seen or read on the news throughout the day. And we like to do that with flashy graphics. Alot.


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