On The News II

The last time I used this On The News graphic was in March, when I told everyone about a photograph of mine that made the local news. Of course, I was very cryptic and wordy in that post, and it may have left some people confused as to what I was actually telling them about. Funny how history repeats itself, eh? For you now have read a paragraph, but are not certain what this post is about. You feel slightly cheated, yet, you feel that I understand your plight, and I’ll tell you eventually what the point of this post is. Yes, eventually.

Like now.

On July 18, 2005, two of my photographs were on the local news, during the weather segment. Having a strong batch of thunderstorms roll down the state, much of West Michigan was left with 3-5 inches of rain, plus widespread power outages. And in the case of the Vacuum Cleaner Center in Grandville, the rain and winds caused the roof to collapse. Riverbeds were flooded, including our own Buck Creek.

Being known to document every major flood that occurs in Grandville’s Wedgewood Park, I went up there along with John and Ace to assess the water levels. After snapping about two dozens photos and coming to an agreement that the water was, in fact, at a high stage, we went home, where I took a picture of the rain gauge in the backyard for Ace. We had gotten an astonishing 5 and a half inches of rainfall during the storm. And we never lost power!

Ace was going to send the picture of the rain gauge in to WOOD TVA, but since I had to upload my pictures anyways, I told her I’d just take it that photo and send it in for her. After I sent it in, it occurred to me that the weather team might like to see a photo of Buck Creek. After all, they’ve been getting dozens and dozens of photos from across the region all day. It would just be one more piece in the huge, post-storm puzzle that they try to figure out. After I did that, I had to go to work.

Apparently, though, those two photos were on the 5 pm newscasts on WOOD TV8. Who knew? I included the two photos I sent in (I think… If not, they are *this* close to a very similar picture that I sent in. Seriously. I had to spend five minutes figuring out which park picture it was that I sent in.) One of my photos was even used for a web report. You can check it out by clicking here.


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