Introducing: Random Sayings

You may have noticed a new addition to the sidebar in the past couple of weeks: Random Sayings. Everytime you click “refresh”, a new saying will show up. Currently, I have a little over 30 sayings, which is good enough for variety. And I certainly plan on adding more. But did you know that you can add your own sayings as well?

When inspiration strikes you and you decide to infect Random Sayings with your proverbial wisdom, click on the bold letters that read “From across the internet.” You’ll then be taken to a complete list of all the quotes and sayings that are currently in the “playlist,” as it were. There will be a button that says “Add your own entry.” Click that. Add what you want to say and click “Submit”. It is a moderated list, which means I have to approve everything before I add it, but that’s just to help ensure that this site remains family-friendly.

Random Sayings, Vivacious Video, and the Epsilon iTalk. They’re all the more reasons to come and visit The Epsilon Institute early and often!


One Response to “Introducing: Random Sayings”

  1. RC Says:

    the random saying is so random it says nothing at all.

    –RC of

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