I covet, even more

For those who have been visiting us for a while might remember a while back I was talking about a camera that looked really, really nice. Well, as we all know, life as a funny way of connecting all of life’s dots. I am currently looking at buying a new camera (I’m in no immediate hurry, but I have my reasons why it’s necessary.), and while I was at Best Buy, I jotted down the model numbers of some of the nicer-looking, yet somewhat-reasonably priced cameras that they had.

It turns out that one of the cameras that I thought looked really, really nice was the same one that I wrote about a while back. It would be, of course, the ultimate irony if I wound up buying that exact same camera.

UPDATE: The ultimate irony, it would seem, is that the camera from my past has not won my heart. The Canon PowerShot S3 IS has. And in a big, big way.


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