The name “Miami Vice” still attracts eyeballs

Weekends. It seems like they only come once a week. Maybe Congress could change that. Hi there, everyone. I’m Charles Jurries, your writer this week for The Weekend Recap. Have you noticed that since this weekly feature was re-launched with new graphics that we have not tweaked them once, in terms of fonts, colors and backgrounds? Not once. That is possibly a new record for this site, a place where graphics seems to have an expiration date hidden on them and must be replaced accordingly.

Say, this week we’re going to keep up with the traditional Weekend theme, where we bring you a stock update, then we give you a report on what happened at the box office. The stocks encompass the work week, while the box office encompasses the weekend. So in this tiny little feature, you get a weeks’ worth of material summarized for your personal convenience. Go ahead, print this feature up, fold it into a neat little square and tuck it away in your shirt pocket. The convenience of an entire week is now in your power, right in reach of your fingertips.

Welcome back to your weekly stock update. I’m still Charles Jurries, your host for this week. (Budget cuts, you know. We can’t afford a whole range of correspondents and guest writers anymore.) Stocks as a whole were great this week. There seems to be a overall sense that the economy is slowly, but surely, improving. In a surprising announcement, General Motors actually had a good report this week. ExxonMobil and other oil companies revealed very strong numbers (not surprisingly), while other manufacturing firms reported strong earnings as well.

On another note, I don’t quite understand GDP growth yet, but according to analysts, a recent report suggest that there is no indications of a sharp slowdown in the economy. As a whole, stocks closed on a positive note for the week, with the Dow Jones taking in some major gains over last week’s numbers. The NASDAQ and S&P 500 were also in similar situations. Here now is your fancy graphic for the week:

(Source: Yahoo! Finance)

This weekend at the box office, nobody saw movies. Honestly. If you divide the estimated ticket sales for the top-selling film, Miami Vice, by $7.41 (the estimated average price for a movie ticket in America), you get somewhere around 3.4, maybe 3.5 million people who went to see the no. 1 film this weekend. (TV shows with viewership that low are easily cancelled.) In fact, there are low numbers all across the board this week. And it speaks volumes about the quality of new films being released when Pirates 2 is still in the top two, even after being out a month. Is it because it’s just that great of a film? Sure, maybe. Or maybe there’s just not that many alternatives that look more appealing. We’ll let you decide for yourself, by letting you look at the scoreboard for the weekend of July 28 through July 30, 2006.

(Source: BoxOfficeMojo)

Here’s the part where we use syngergy with The Weekend Preview, published mid-week. I did accurately predict that Miami Vice would get between $25-30 million. I just expected it to come in second place.
All my other numerous predictions for the weekend, all of which seemed fairly reasonable? Total and complete junk. Let us not be discouraged, however, for such blind predictions have proven true before. So please join us again later on when we predict how well next weekend’s releases will fare at the box office. Until then, I’m Charles Jurries, wishing you a safe and happy weekend. And remember, friends don’t let friends mail letters without proper postage!


One Response to “The name “Miami Vice” still attracts eyeballs”

  1. Mark Says:

    The GDP is bunk. Its Achilles hell is the broken window fallacy, which basically views disaster as a good thing, since people are forced to spend money. Of course, the money they spent rebuilding their house could’ve been spent buying cars, electronics, or other good. It’s founded on Keynesian principles, so you know it’s gotta be bad.

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