2006: In Review (So Far)

As we begin to tread through the month of August, we’re reminded that fall is approaching very quickly. Very quickly. And after fall comes winter. And what happens during winter? We start a new year! So it’s only logical then, using the though process I just laid out, that we start reviewing the year of 2006 here in August. What made the news? What made headlines? We can easily name two big events. Commenters, Can you remember anything else that was big this year?

The Tallmansville Miners – It was insult added upon tragedy: On a early January night, we got word that twelve Pennsylvanian minders had survived days underground in a dangerous mining shaft. Television networks went live to jublitant crowds with family members jumping and crying in joy. Then, the news came: twelve miners had perished, not lived, in the mining disaster. It was a tragedy that shook the nation to it’s core. Randal McCloy Jr., the sole surviving member of the group, continues physical therapy to regain his strength following the horrific ordeal.

The Middle-East – At the beginning of the year, Ariel Sharon was hospitalized following a serious hemmorhagic stroke. Elections were held, and Israel got a new prime minister. During the summer, tensions between Lebanon and Israel increased dramatically, leading to a war between the two nations, a war that is still on-going.


One Response to “2006: In Review (So Far)”

  1. John Jurries Says:

    Apparently, nothing else has happened so far this year.

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