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American Idol adds songwriters competition

August 8, 2006

When FOX’s hit talent show American Idol returns to the airwaves in January, it will look a little bit different. In addition to the singing pageant, the television program will now include a competition for songwriters who will be competing for a chance to write a song for the final two contestants. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Idol creator Simon Fuller said that he continues to come up with new ideas for Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and other projects that he hopes to start with his 19 Entertainment group. (Among his plans is a fashion channel.)

In previous years, professional producers and songwriters have been commissioned to write an original song for each of the two finalists. But it’s very difficult for those songwriters, because they don’t really know who the finalist will be, and often times the final song doesn’t match their respective singing styles. By running a parallel songwriting contest, he hopes to avoid that problem. Anybody can compete to write a tune. And some of the top songs may also be performed in a special with former Idol winners and finalists. Auditions for Idol are beginning this week across the country. The show returns to the airwaves on the FOX network in January, 2007. (Read the full article)