The Max Payne Movie

Joining every other video game getting a movie adaption, Max Payne is now going to get a silver screen run. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie will focus on the origins of the vigilante.

For those of you who don’t know Max Payne exactly… He’s a vigilante, former cop, whose had a rough life, had his family killed, and is now dark and brooding, seeking revenge. Thankfully, they didn’t exactly bill the character as being original. The original was made popular thanks soley to the inclusion of the Matrix-esque “bullet time”.

So if you enjoy seeing the countless dark, brooding vigilante movies that come out, you’ll be more than glad to hear about this movie. No word on when the movie is slated to come out. In other soul-selling news, American McGee’s “Alice” video game was sold to Universal Pictures. Sarah Michelle Gellar is already attached to star.


One Response to “The Max Payne Movie”

  1. Mark Says:

    Let’s hope they keep the cheesy dialogue. It would be almost wrong to drop it.

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