TDI Director Returns Home

File Under: Press Release

The office of Charles M. Jurries
The Delta Institute, Inc.
Saturday, July 30, 2005

The founder and acting director of the Delta Institute, Charles Jurries, has returned home safe after a week away in Springfield, Missouri. “I had lots of fun,” he announced at a breakfast attended by all his staff. “There were some great speakers, and I had lots of fun talking to people. You met some new friends, and you got to know some others a whole lot beter. I’m glad I went.”

Jurries did address the criticism of leaving fictional writings as his final posts before his vacation. “It’s a little different, and it’s never wrong to do something a little challenging, if done for the right motives. And I’m confident that my motives were right, and that my manuever will pay off in the future.

“The Delta Institute is quickly becoming the one-stop destination for many people all across the internet. And though we primarily give them the latest hard news, along with plenty of entertainment, I don’t want to be bogged down in procedure. Let’s have some fun once in a while. If we write a chapter or two in a on-going story every once in a while, that’s fine. As long as we don’t betray our readers by abandoning our now-classic format, let’s go ahead.”

George Willos, President of the Department for Special Reports and Extended Articles announced that the Missouri excursion is currently planned as a 9-part series, with the possibility of one or two chapters being added or subtracted. “As with our popular Exodus to Sadistville series, we’ll be going in-depth on all aspects of the trip. We will be devoting one chapter entirely to photographs. The department has recieved about 1,000 photo’s from the trip, so picking out 10, 15 pictures may be tricky, but we’re excited about this new oppertunity.”

The Delta Institute was founded in June, 2005, and covers the latest news headlines, the entertainment industry, the cable news race, photography, fictional stories, plus personal announcements from the director.

2 Responses to “TDI Director Returns Home”

  1. Nate Says:

    welcome back chuckler.
    check out the fellow blogger link on my site entitled “shawns sister in laws photography” you will love it.

  2. Erika Says:

    Sweet…glad ur back!! why were u there again?

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